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Why is there no fixed menu?

When I started my personal chef service, I created a set menu and client chose from that menu. But I soon realized. Everyone has different tastes!

Some people like Japanese food, some want vegetarian food, and some want American home-cooked food. Some people prefer low carbs and no sugar etc...

Each person is completely different!

I'm not a restaurant, I'm a PERSONAL CHEF! I thought it's possible to have a personalized menu that suits each person. So I decided to completely customize the menu for each clients. All for my client!

Nowadays, there are various convenient services at your home.

Grocery shopper is convenient, but they don't cook for you.

Meal kits delivery service is also convenient, but still you have to cook it yourself.

Food delivery services is convenient but maybe hard to customize and tired of having few choices.

My personal chef service, I create a customized menu based on your dietary needs and preferences. So it is an infinite variety of dishes!

Personal Chef Riri can serve the perfect meals for you at your home.

I'm always here for you!

Personal Chef Riri


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