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The Reason For Starting My Personal Chef Services

I’d like to share how I started my Personal Chef Services.

About two years ago, friend of mine who lives in Virginia she gave a birth.

I really wanted to help her. I'm Chef. All I can do is cook. So I went to her house with groceries in my hand. And I made Japanese curry and rice for her and her family.

While I was cooking, she was able to take care of her newborn baby, her husband was able to focus on remote work.

When Japanese curry and rice was ready, everyone was so happy that was delicious! Especially two her older children, they had seconds three times! Yes, THREE!!

I was so happy to be able to help her and her family.

If this could be my job, I thought I would help more people with my cooking.

As a result of my research, I found out that being a personal chef could help me do that. So I joined an association called “American Personal & Private Chef Association” (APPCA), studied, got food handler certification, business license, insurance and became a Personal Chef. Catering sells food, so I need a commercial kitchen. My personal chef service provides personal service. I use client's kitchen, so no required a commercial kitchen.

If people decide not to cook at home, they usually get fast food, delivery, or go to a restaurant. I want to give people the option of using a Personal Chef instead.

My service customizes menus based on your dietary needs and preferences, I go grocery for you, cook healthy meals, and even clean up your kitchen. There is no such service anywhere. I want everyone to know that through my blog.

I would be happy to help people who need my services.

Home Cooking Solutions Personal Chef Services Based in Frederick, MD. Personal Chef Riri will make customized, healthy and delicious dishes for you in your own kitchen!
Personal Chef Riri

I'm always here for you!!

Personal Chef Riri

Home Cooking Solutions


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