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What’s Differences between Personal Chef Services and Catering?

Personal chefs will cook according to your request at your home.

I use the kitchen in your home to cook just for you. I also do grocery shopping and cleaning! So personal chef service is not catering, it's personal service that helps you with cooking at your home! It's all for you! Catering is a little different.

Caters cooks outside your home and delivers it to you.

Because of that, they have to use a commercial kitchen to sell food.

It is a law stipulated by Maryland.

I get inquiries about catering/delivery services from time to time.

I have a Servsafe Food Safety Manager qualification and a business license so I can rent a commercial kitchen and can sell food. (delivery/catering services.)

However, if I use commercial kitchen, I have to pay rent. And to make a profit, I have to mass produce. Mass production may reduce quality, food may become soggy during delivery, and I may not be able to provide freshly prepared food. Because of this, it may not be possible to respond to individual detailed requests.

That's why catering isn't my ideal service, so I decided to offer only In-Home personal chef services. My Personal Chef Services does not sell food. I sell a great experience! I help your home cooking from start to end. I use the kitchen in your home so you can enjoy the delicious aroma while I cook! You can do whatever you want while you wait for the food! And since I make it from scratch in your kitchen, I can serve hygienic, fresh, warm and delicious food!

Also I only accept one client per day. Because I want to focus all my attention on one client. I create a completely customized menu for each client so that I can respond to detailed requests and make perfect food for your home party!

I accommodate any number of people. From 1 person to 20 people or more. (if it can maintain social distance.)

I have my own network so I can hire party helpers, chefs, decorator as needed and I have access to the commercial market so I can even handle In-Home Weddings!

Even if it is just meal prep for one person I would be happy to help!

We are ready to serve any size and any request! So please feel free to contact me anytime!! "I'm always here for you!" Personal Chef Riri Home Cooking Solutions Personal Chef Services. Chef : Ririka Evans Phone : (240)557-3339 E-mail : Website : Instagram : Facebook : If you live in near Frederick Maryland, check out this blog! Frederick, Maryland’s latest news, reviews, and more!


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