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What kind of dishes can you make?

My specialties are Japanese/Asian, American and any kind of healthy dish. (Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Curb/No Curb, Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo, etc.) You can request whatever you like! I love to research recipes, so I can create your perfect meals! If you have a recipe that you like in particular (maybe a family recipe, or one that you are familiar with), I can try and reproduce it as well.

How can I get Free Consultation?

Please feel free to talk with me! I can talk with you one-on-one. I can also be contacted through Email, Text, Phone, or Video Call. This way I can learn what you like to eat, and how you like to eat. Also, I need to know if you have allergies or food sensitivities.

How often can we use your services?

I'll be happy to serve your needs. (Bi-weekly, Monthly, Special occasions). Contact me for all requests. If you tell me at least two weeks in advance, I can accommodate.

I’ll be home that day. Is it okay if I watch?

Of course! You can always view what I'm doing in your kitchen. However, once I start cooking, I need to focus on my cooking. Because if distracted, not only will it cause late services but may also cause injuries such as burns, cuts, etc.. My job is making sure everything is perfect and on time. I love to talk before and after my cooking. Questions are always welcome by Email, Text or Calling before cooking day.

Why do I have to pay separate for groceries?

I like to use the best ingredients for my clients. Each household has a different grocery budget. So I will use your grocery budget to provide an exceptional service.

What is your working radius?

I work within a 50 mile radius of Frederick/Ijamsville, Maryland.

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