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5 Reasons to Hire Chef In Your Private Sushi Cooking Class!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Recently, my Sushi Rolls Classes has become so popular!!!!

So let me explain 5 Reasons to Hire Chef In Your Private Sushi Cooking Class!

  1. Sushi is Japanese food and it is best to hire a Japanese Chef. I was born in Japan and lived in Japan for 26 years. So I can teach you authentic homemade Sushi Rolls. This is perfect for you who want to learn something new! And becoming Sushi Rolls Master is very cool cooking skills! You can brag to everyone about it!

  2. Sushi is easy to make even for children, and you can make your favorite fresh Sushi Roll! You can put whatever you like in the Sushi Rolls, so it's suitable for pescatarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance person. And Sushi is gluten-free and healthy food!

  3. I will go to grocery shopping for your Sushi Class! You don't have to go to several grocery stores and you can keep safe at home. I know which one is the right product so you don’t even need to google it! Very Hustle Free!

  4. You don't have to prepare Ingredients, Tools and Clean up. You even don’t need to wash dishes! I will do it and preparing all for you! So you don’t need to do or prepare anything! Just Roll it, Eat it and Enjoy it!!

  5. Sushi Roll Class Party is Perfect for Fun activities at home/Very memorable party! We have received high praise from all the people who have taken Sushi classes so far. And it spread by word of mouth and became a very popular service. This is the only sushi class party service in this area (Frederick, Maryland), and I've already taught Sushi Rolls to a lot of people, so you can definitely leave it to me!

I understand that each person has their own tastes and some people don’t like Sushi. Those who don't like Sushi maybe they can just make it and that Sushi Rolls can eat it by others. I’m flexible so we can do anything you like!

However, many times people who don't like Sushi have tried Sushi Rolls with their favorite ingredients and they said it’s DELICIOUS!! They might have eaten bad Sushi somewhere and just didn't have good impression. My mission is change their Sushi's image to a positive one through the experience of making/eating fresh and delicious Sushi Rolls!

Do you want to try to making a Sushi Rolls? Let's try!! We can do it!!

Please feel free to contact me for more details!

Chef : Ririka Evans

Phone : (240)557-3339

I'm always here for you!

Personal Chef Riri

Home Cooking Solutions Personal Chef Services.

Based in Frederick, Maryland.


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