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How I do Contactless

In-Home Personal Chef Services?

Front Door

 I will send you text before   entering the house. 

 I cook alone in your kitchen.   When all the dishes are done 

 I put them on the counter or 

 in the fridge/freezer. 


 I will send you text and 

 leave your house. 

Of course, I always wear mask, always wash my hands, and use disposable gloves while cooking!

Because it's your kitchen you can always see what I'm doing!

Always turn on the ventilation fan, and if you can open the windows, open the windows to improve ventilation!

I know there are many people in need of personal chef service.

So I really want to help people cook at home.

If you would like contactless, please feel free to request it!

I will do my best to provide the safest services.

Thank you very much,

Personal Chef Ririka Evans

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